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Preliminary power list for Omegafriends:


Pegasus Knight - Increased speed, minor out-of-combat regeneration
Cleric - Retain consciousness when normally would be knocked out, increases effect of healing magic


Knight - Increased toughness, more agile when fighting inside
Cavalier - increases ability with weapons, more agile when fighting outside
Archer - Increased aim, increased agility when on the offensive
Falcon Knight - Increase agility of nearby allies, increases strength when using a lance
Dark Flier - Increases movement speed of nearby allies, allows limited burst of superspeed when defeating enemy
General - Increases toughness of nearby allies, forcefield that ablates physical attacks
Great Knight - Strike with the power of the moon that ignores natural defenses, pinpoint forcefield to defend nearby ally
War Cleric - Grants good luck to all nearby allies, constant major regeneration
Sage - Increases power of ally spells, increases power of attack spells
Paladin - Increases overall physique when fighting side-by-side with an ally, forcefield that ablates magical attacks
Sniper - Superhuman eyesight, increased strength when using a bow
Bow Knight - Increases aim of all allies, ability to dodge arrows
Bride - Increases overall physique and movement speed for all nearby allies, grants minor regeneration for all nearby allies