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Player Name: Walker

Player Contact: [ profile] WorldwalkerPure

Character Name: Cynthia, Princess of Ylisse / Cynthia Crystaldawn Phantombreath Holylance / Princess Pegasus

Character Canon: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Canon Background:

Omegafriends Background: Cynthia is the tomboy younger princess of the fantasy kingdom of Ylisse. Since she's not in line for the throne, her parents gave her the okay to travel to Earth and be a hero! Her (fake) last name, Crystaldawn Phantombreath Holylance is a direct translation of her (also fake) Welsh last name, Grisialgwawr Rhithanadl Sanctaiddgwaywffon. As part of her cover, she is posing as a foreign exchange student from Wales while she stays with her host family, the Kurumis - their youngest daughter, her friend Erika, is actually the heroine Cure Marine!

Personality: Cynthia is a girl who earnestly believes in old-fashioned heroism - the triumph of the gallant knight over the dastardly villain, replete with Noble Purpose and Heroic Speeches about Honor and Justice. She has no interest in tales of tortured anti-heroes consumed by vengeance and grappling with their dark and uncontrollable powers, and, indeed, has remarked that a hero that doesn't save others isn't really a hero at all.

This is the core of her personality - she wants to be a hero in order to protect and save others. In canon, this is because she was orphaned because of a worldwide zombie apocalypse that she and her friends traveled back in time to prevent from ever happening. Her cheerful, blithe personality was something she created to wall off the pain and sorrow of her mother's death so that she could become strong enough to never lose anybody she cared about ever again.

Her AU version, meanwhile, has nothing quite so dire motivating her heroism; rather, it came about as a result of her royal background - she was raised understanding that as royalty, she had a responsibility to care for and protect her subjects. Combined with her love of heroic tales of gallantry, this lead to her deciding the best way to protect her people was as a dashing heroine, righting wrongs and smashing evil.

Her impulsive nature and general naivete can cause her to get in over her head or even outright tricked from time to time, but she is also a quick learner and possesses a sharp wit when she bothers to use it - while she might be easily tricked once, it won't happen again.

Powers: In canon, Cynthia has a wide range of possible classes she can become - approximately 15 different classes, each of which has two innate skills and anywhere from one to three different weapon proficiencies. Taken as an overview, the weapons Cynthia is capable of wielding consist of: Lances, Swords, Axes, Bows, Tomes (attack magic), and Staves (healing magic). As Chrom's daughter, Cynthia also receives the skill 'Aether', a two-part attack that channels the power of the sun to heal her own wounds and the moon to bypass her enemy's defenses. In addition, several conversations she has in-game indicate that both she and her mother have the ability to hold conversations with pegasi, although this is never treated as unusual or remarked upon in anything other than passing.

In the game, Cynthia's base powers are as follows: superb (but not superhuman) strength, reflexes, and toughness, the ability to understand what animals are saying, and the special attack Aether. In addition, she has a single magical amulet that grants her the powers of the Pegasus Knight, which is a slight boost in speed and out-of-combat regeneration. As time goes on and she relates tales of her daring exploits in letters back home, she will also receive new amulets in various care packages, each of which will grant her new abilities, although she will never be able to wear more than two of them at a time.

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Preliminary power list for Omegafriends:


Pegasus Knight - Increased speed, minor out-of-combat regeneration
Cleric - Retain consciousness when normally would be knocked out, increases effect of healing magic


Knight - Increased toughness, more agile when fighting inside
Cavalier - increases ability with weapons, more agile when fighting outside
Archer - Increased aim, increased agility when on the offensive
Falcon Knight - Increase agility of nearby allies, increases strength when using a lance
Dark Flier - Increases movement speed of nearby allies, allows limited burst of superspeed when defeating enemy
General - Increases toughness of nearby allies, forcefield that ablates physical attacks
Great Knight - Strike with the power of the moon that ignores natural defenses, pinpoint forcefield to defend nearby ally
War Cleric - Grants good luck to all nearby allies, constant major regeneration
Sage - Increases power of ally spells, increases power of attack spells
Paladin - Increases overall physique when fighting side-by-side with an ally, forcefield that ablates magical attacks
Sniper - Superhuman eyesight, increased strength when using a bow
Bow Knight - Increases aim of all allies, ability to dodge arrows
Bride - Increases overall physique and movement speed for all nearby allies, grants minor regeneration for all nearby allies


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